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It’s a more easily interpretable and organized version of my “Relevant Locations” post. Most importantly, it can be edited by all of us. Also, very importantly, it shows us the blanks that still need to be filled in. Right now, we need someone to write descriptions, track down the sponsors of the monuments (UDC? Irish organizations? etc) and find images, as well as to decide on what we’re going to be doing as far as layers, pinpoint colors, etc.

Here is a description of all the categories, and feel free to add something I forgot.

Monument – self-explanatory.

Address – as close as I could define it from the sources; sometimes it is not exact. Geodata will be more specific.

Geodata – Ross is getting this. Will help us target exact locations.

Relevant years – years when important events concerning the location/memorial took place.

Title – if you hovered over the pinpoint, this is what you would see.

Description – the most intimidating category, this is a thorough summary of the monument at each location – when it was moved there, who sponsored it, what important ceremonies took place there, etc. For more details, the interested viewer can consult our linked sources.

Image files – ideally, we need some pictures for each location. Preferably we take them ourselves, or find historical images from our archives.

Sources – where we get our information, which we will also link to when the viewer examines each pinpoint.

Sponsors – who sponsored each monument, or relocation, or dedication ceremony, etc.

Pinpoint color – not sure how this will work yet, but we talked about having different colors depending on who sponsored the monument?

Map layer – again, not quite sure on the details of how we’ll be doing our layers, but it’s something to be decided on.

5 Responses to “Google Doc”

  1. Renee says:

    This all looks really good. I’ll start working on filling in some of the missing information in tonight and tomorrow. This should be really useful so that we don’t repeat or overlap on our research.

  2. Caleb McDaniel says:

    Courtney, could you change the permissions of the spreadsheet so that it is viewable by anyone who has the link?

  3. Courtney Svatek says:

    Ok, done.

  4. Caleb McDaniel says:

    Since you changed the permissions, the URL may also have changed. When I click the link in your original post, I’m still unable to get to the spreadsheet.

  5. Courtney Svatek says:

    Works for me now. I logged out of my Google account and I could still get into it.

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