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Progress Report 2

This week I have been working on my portion of the Dowling Map Project. As Courtney mentioned this morning we went down to the ArcGIS center and I familiarized my self with the software, and discussed with the librarian what is needed to put geo-data in to the ArcGIS software. We determined that my GPS would be able to do the job. Next, Courtney and I discussed the important sites, and she then finalized the list of places and posted it on the group blog (see below). This weekend I will be visiting these sites around Houston and marking them on the GPS so that we can transport the coordinates in to ArcGIS. Also I have found some earlier maps of Houston that we could use in our project. Also earlier I drafted our contract which Craig and Courtney then made additions to.

As Courtney mentioned we have decided to put the map of the Battle on hold, I spent much of the early part of the week gathering information for this part. I have decided to put this on hold and will now, be participating on constructing the map of Houston and gathering data. I plan on meeting with the librarian and imputing the coordinates that I gather in to the map.

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