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Blog Post #11 Progress Report

Courtney constructed a very useful Google Spreadsheet that sums up the information that we have and the information we still need to collect for our project.  I have been spent some time trying to collect missing data, specifically the sponsors of several monuments and the dates of the dedications and relocations.  I looked through the digital archive our class compiled earlier in the semester and even spent a few hours going through microfilm at Fondren to try and pin down some of this information.  Unfortunately, I only found a few pieces of information that we did not already have.

The other thing I have started working on is consolidating the data we do have into descriptions for each of our pinpoints.  This is a fairly daunting and time-consuming task.  Hopefully once classes end this week, our group can meet again and make a plan for accomplishing everything we want to.  I also like the idea that we should try to get our own pictures of the Houston pinpoint locations.  I have a car and could definitely do this if the rest of the group agrees.

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  1. Courtney Svatek says:

    Oh yeah, once classes end I’ll be able to meet pretty much anytime. Maybe we can go around to all the points together; that’ll make it more fun.

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