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Map Group Contract


Our mission is to make a map that will show markers that Dowling left geographically and through these marks show that his memory has changed over time. The map will also show that different groups were responsible for these marks and sometimes had differing objectives or emphasized different parts of his memory. We also hope to show the contemporary geographic contexts (streets, demographic data, other significant places like City Hall or other historical sites) for the markers, as available data allows. If time and resources permit we will suggest correlations between where markers are and the objectives of the group, showing that markers cluster together, are near other statues or memorials, or are in highly trafficked areas.

The goal of this data will be to construct a map that makes it easier on the viewer to visualize the sites, easily access relevant primary documents pertaining to each site, and make Dowling’s history and memory accessible to a wider audience. 


Ross: Travel to, and collect coordinates for, the sites we have chosen to mark.
Renee: Compile Information about the legacy portion and work on both maps.
Craig: Compile geographic and demographic information about the 1905-1958 Houston legacy of Dowling and match geographic markers with relevant archival sources.
Courtney: Seek relevant documents related to each site we choose to mark.


The main tool that we intend to use is the ArcGIS mapping software, located at Fondren Library on the Rice University campus. We have met with a librarian to teach us the intricacies of the software, and have created a folder at the library titled “HIST 248.” Our research will include sources gathered through Fondren Library at Rice University, and sources contained in the class made Database.

We will keep our main research notes on the Map Group blog, and eventually compile documents as part of the interactive map.

Week of 4/10: each person will work on finding information
Week of 4/18: we will meet at this point and begin working on the project, by Friday we will have a clear direction, finalize the contract, and meet with professor McDaniel to go over the project again.
May 4: the final project will be completed by this date.

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